50% of small businesses fail within the first 4 years

With B.E.T at your side, you don’t have to take on your challenges alone!


Want to start or grow your business but don’t know how?


Are you looking to increase your profits?


Need a business advisor, available to you 24/7?


B.E.T is ALL you need!


Available 24/7:

B.E.T solves the challenge of staying informed by offering round-the-clock, device-friendly access to help you run a successful business and provide you with real-time business actionable insights. Make informed decisions on the go with instant access to essential data, driving your business towards success.

Simplifying Business Jargon To Help You Grow & Sustain

B.E.T. simplifies business mastery by breaking down complex concepts into essential modules like Finance, HR, Strategy, Risk, Customer, and Entrepreneurship. It’s designed to cut through the complexity, making it easier for you and your team to be upskilled and grasp the fundamentals of a successful business without becoming experts.

This approach empowers you to make informed decisions and understand their impacts. Plus, B.E.T.’s self-assessment tool highlights areas for improvement, offering a clear starting point for addressing business challenges.

Downloadable Easy-To-Use Templates

Streamline your operations with B.E.T’s Toolbox, offering 50+ customisable templates for everything from invoices to business plans. Designed for entrepreneurs and SMEs, it solves the problem of starting and scaling your business efficiently, letting you focus on growth rather than paperwork.

B.E.T has you covered!

A Dedicated Business Manager

B.E.T addresses the hassle of daily operations with its all-in-one Business Manager, designed to streamline your workload. Features include:

  • A live dashboard for instant updates on invoices, sales, stock, sales, expenses and tasks
  • Easy sales processing with pro-forma and regular invoicing for all types of sales
  • Efficient customer and supplier management
  • Inventory oversight, including low stock alerts and stock management
  • Simplified warehousing with multi-location support and stock transfers
  • An HR suite for managing employee records, payrolls, and time tracking
  • Manage track and report on project and task-related activities

Effortlessly manage your business’s essentials, giving you more time to focus on growth!

Real-Time Dashboarding

Cut through uncertainty with B.E.T.’s real-time dashboards. Get a view of daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots of crucial metrics in your business like sales, expenses, and operating profit, enabling you to proactively steer your business with confidence, rather than reacting to past events.

Make decisions based on current data, keeping you ahead in your industry.

Business Performance Snapshot

Gain clarity and control over your business’s trajectory with monthly performance summaries. Easily compare your current performance to past results, addressing the challenge of staying informed amidst your busy schedule.

This empowers you with the insight needed to make strategic decisions swiftly, ensuring you’re always a step ahead and fully in command of your business’s direction.

Market Access to Connect, Collaborate, and Grow

Access a world of opportunities with B.E.T’s exclusive Business Directory. Overcome isolation by connecting with other subscribers, discover potential partnerships, and share insights on online business and e-commerce.

All it takes is a click to expand your network and explore global collaborations, directly addressing your need for community and growth.

Make Profit & Grow

Find Customers



Market Access


Yours. Anytime. Anywhere.

Available 24/7, let B.E.T be help you run a successful business!

What Our Users Say

B.E.T has helped my business grow consistently after a period of continuous loss and emotional fatigue.

The module content, supported by the dashboards, has shown me where I need to relook the controls in my business. After the changes I’ve made with B.E.T’s support, I have seen my business grow, bottlenecks and areas for concerns are easily identified, and I can make changes far quicker now, knowing how my company should be operating. Thank you, B.E.T, for the support I needed!  – Rachel Perry

B.E.T has easy-to-access and use templates which gave me the guidance on what I need to be looking for in my business to make a profit!

B.E.T’s easy-to-access and use pre-populated templates gave me just what I needed to get started and focus on in all the functions in my business. With this guidance, I spent less time trying to think about what still needs to be done, feeling overwhelmed and shifted my attention to “what can be done with the information I have,” making me more productive as a Business Owner – Bilal Mohammed

I was able to diagnose my business using B.E.T, which highlighted the areas needing immediate attention! I also used it to manage my employees better!

I was initially intimidated by the thought of diagnosing my business myself, knowing that I don’t know everything about what was needed in my business. After taking the first assessment, I was thrilled with the easy action plan that B.E.T gave me to implement. I have been using the action plans to measure the progress in my business and make sure my employees are also upskilled! Who doesn’t want that kind of support?! – Charles Bethany

Our mandate is to support small businesses with tools and resources to stay in business and grow, and B.E.T does just that.

B.E.T has helped the various businesses we have on our programs by aligning messaging throughout the businesses, ensuring everyone in the company gets the same message, upskilled on the same material, and can be used for consistency across various locations. Having a shared understanding of all the core functions of a business in multiple languages helps business owners achieve their goals – Kate Winslow

B.E.T’s real-time available information about my business gives me the comfort I need and the confidence to make quick decisions for my multi-location business!

B.E.T’s business calendar and Business Manager quickly helped me focus on the actual operations of my business. When I needed additional support, I found that the modules provided great insight. Every time I refer to the modules, I realize some more and quickly adjust what I need. It’s easier to understand business in general. My business operates in various locations; I have a full view of my whole business regardless of where we operate with B.E.T. Having a constant, real-time view of my finances and highlighted areas of concern are comforting for a business owner – Gizelle Parea

B.E.T’s informative dashboards helped me make informed decisions and understand the critical metrics in my business that each team member needs to be achieving.

I work in the consulting and services industry and have clients Globally and decided to use B.E.T in my business over three years ago. Through the informative dashboards on B.E.T, I can better manage my employees, projects, and outputs. In addition, my employees and team members can better understand the critical metrics in our business. B.E.T has enabled us, collectively, to make better business decisions that have resulted in more effectiveness and efficiency. – Jennifer Houston

“B.E.T gave me access to a new market as it allowed me to collaborate and explore synergies with businesses in new markets.”

B.E.T gave me access to potential customers and suppliers. I used this to grow my business across the globe! I also diversified my business after connecting with other business owners and listened to the challenges they were experiencing. I’ve also managed to digitize my business after B.E.T – Kevin Troy

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