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Effective meetings, grow your business, maximize profits in your corporation

It’s time to start getting some real work done and maximize the profits of your corporation. How often do you spend time in meetings that feel like a waste of time? If you aggregate the time spent in meetings over a month, how much unproductive time is wasted? Meetings have the potential to change the entire direction of a business or to maximize profits in your corporation if done correctly.

We have detailed for you, what a productive meeting structure should comprise:

Prior to the meeting:

  • Set an agenda
    Meeting agendas should include a list of topics and speakers in order to keep the meeting on track. It is best to have at least two speakers for each agenda item, but the responsibility is assigned to one person addressing the agenda item.
  • Have a meeting plan
    In order to have an effective meeting, it is important to plan ahead. This means deciding on the time and place, including the duration of the meeting, who should be in attendance, and what the agenda is.
  • Be on time
    The meeting started on time and the attendees were all present.

During the meeting:

  • Agree on the agenda, afford everyone in the meeting the opportunity to list their agenda items if they personally need to discuss something in the allocated slot
  • Allocate roles  – Minute taker, Time Keeper and anything else that you may deem necessary for your meeting
  • Discuss progress or feedback from the previous meeting’s to-do-list
  • Discuss your current agenda items
  • Round-table discussion
  • Close off the meeting

After the meeting:

  • Send out meeting minutes with to-do lists
  • Follow up on the progress of to-do lists.

The length of your meetings is always debatable, this is usually determined by the number of agenda items needing to be addressed and discussed. Based on decades of leadership experience, its been found that the more frequent the meetings held, the shorter the meeting times should be – would you believe that some of the most effective meetings have been found to be weekly, for 5 minutes, with everyone that needs to attend standing around a performance board, and not in a boardroom at a table?

These 5-minute progress meetings are the most effective because they are base on a review of KPIs, discussing the focus areas and the to-dos. Because everyone is standing, the meeting is shorted and only the necessary discussions are held. These work best for daily or weekly feedback meetings and work only on the condition that KPIs are regularly updated and are displayed in an area where it is visible to the entire team – this is called visual management.

These 5-minute progress meetings are the most effective because they are base on a review of KPIs, discussing the focus areas and the to-dos.

Leading a meeting is an important aspect of any business and is a contributor to effective leadership. Many believe that having effective meetings is one of the most difficult aspects to do well. Meetings can significantly shift the performance of a business and directly impact business performance and maximizing profits. B.E.T is a digital business manager and mentor that can help you grow your business and manage performance. Start your business with B.E.T – www.yvrbet.com

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