What is hybrid work (And why do people think of quitting if you don’t offer it)

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Four out of 10 employees think about leaving their job if their company does not offer them this option.

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Despite the resistance of many entrepreneurs to permanently migrate to a hybrid work model, the reality is that they will eventually have to do so if they want to retain their employees and attract the best talent.

Hybrid work is preferred by eight out of 10 Mexican workers . The worrying thing for those who are still doubting is that 4 out of 10 Mexican employees think about resigning if their company does not offer them this option . If this data does not generate a reaction on the part of the businessmen of our country, I do not see what could achieve it.

This model is a drastic departure from the traditional working model, and it has many variations. Some companies may allow all employees the flexibility to work some days in the office and others remotely . Other companies may have collaborators who work full time remotely or in the office. And others might allow a combination of the two.

Given that employees clearly see the value of hybrid work, what is stopping so many Mexican companies from moving forward with the hybrid model?


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Motivation, collaboration and culture

Around the world, corporate culture is vital to business, and in Mexico it is no exception. We have witnessed how it has been affected by the pandemic and how business leaders have increased their concerns about it and loyalty; as it seems to be deteriorating since people have been out of the office. “How can you live your culture, when you are not immersed in it?” Asks the owner of a small business in CDMX.

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Source: Worky Continuous Monitoring July 2021

In this sense, it is understandable that many business owners want people to return to the office working closely together. One of the most important determinants of the relationship is proximity. The people we see the most and interact with frequently are the people we tend to get closer to. We experience the ups and downs of life with them, we know what is going on in their life and we can understand where it comes from; all of this tends to generate empathy and connection.

Proximity, however, has to do with perception. The most powerful is the real one: the people we see and talk to face to face. But we can also feel close, even when we don’t see each other in person. This sense of proximity can be enhanced by virtual connection and proactive communication programs. Since there is a limited window of time for everyone to work together, and informal conversations in the cafeteria and in line for coffee have disappeared, business and HR leaders need to be intentional about how they present HR services, they make announcements and provide feedback. A collaborative platform that contributes to online interaction between team members and HR can make a difference.

Supervision and control

Mexican culture and traditions definitely play a role in employee preference for office work, and that may be a factor in some business owners’ resistance to hybrid work. In our experience with hundreds of midsize Mexican companies, the reality is that many companies have not invested in the technology necessary to run a hybrid workforce.

Source: Worky Continuous Monitoring July 2021

In a model in which the office is the first option, companies have visibility of their workers from 9 am to 6 or 7 pm every working day. In a hybrid work model, employees naturally have more flexibility. A recent study by Worky showed that one of the main concerns of business owners / entrepreneurs is supervision in hybrid models.

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Source: Study Worky July 2021

With the right tools, companies can achieve an acceptable level of supervision while giving employees the flexibility and autonomy they crave. A connected workplace with a user-friendly interface is clearly the way to achieve monitoring, including centralized communication and clock.

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