A Guide to Business Mentor Selection

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Now more than ever, Business Mentors have proven to be the solution that Business Owners have been seeking. A mentor can be a great asset to anyone in business, but what kind of mentor is best for you? Famous business mentors like Mark Cuban and J.R. ‘Pittbull’ Burton have inspired Business Owners to seek out their services with a desire to acquire the mindset and inspiration that they bring. Small business owners don’t always have the means or resources, but, seek an alternative. What to consider before seeking your mentor?

Choose a business mentor that meets your needs

Mentorship can fill different needs, depending on where you are in your journey. Even as an entrepreneur, you can have a mentor that doesn’t touch your business operations. Common areas that business mentors have been employed are interpersonal skills; business operational support; business growth; networking opportunities and skills development in a particular field.

Qualities that you want in your mentor

  • Experience – you want a mentor who you can rely on for advice. Experience, credibility, and know-home in the area that you are looking for mentorship are non-negotiable. Remember, in most cases, you will be paying for this relationship in some way, make sure you are paying for something of value.
  • Accessibility – you want a mentor who is willing to offer their time to you and be present for you. If your mentor is unreasonably unavailable, then find an alternative. You want time with your mentor and access to their inner workings, if they are unwilling to share, the relationship and experience will not be beneficial to you.
  • Act as a sounding board – You are looking to be heard and seen, your ideas are important. A mentor should be able to ask you good questions and listen to what you have to say. With all that you share, the mentor should be able to guide you, give advice and help you find solutions. You don’t want a mentor who does all the talking!
  • Can help you set goals and keep you accountable – a mentor should be used as a growth opportunity. What you want is someone that can help you set achievable goals with stretch and that helps you stay accountable for the achievement.

What to expect from the relationship?

Remember, this relationship needs to be mutually beneficial. The mentor wants to work with someone who is committed to the relationship and has a measurable achievement from their time together. This is where the onus lies on the mentee or entrepreneur to action the deliverables from their meets, takes ownership to drive their meetings and time together. A mentorship relationship is built on trust and chemistry, if this doesn’t exist, it’s time to find a new mentor! The best way to start the mentorship relationship is to ensure that expectations from both the mentor and entrepreneur are clear and aligned from the onset so that growth can be achieved.

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