Navigating the Relationship Between Value and Effort, as an Entrepreneur

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As entrepreneurs, we embark on a journey filled with dreams, aspirations, and the burning desire to create value in the world. However, we often find ourselves at a crossroads when determining the right balance between value and effort. Should we focus on easy wins, take big bets, pursue incremental growth, or avoid falling into the money pit? Here are some of our best tips to help you decide.


Easy Wins: More commonly known as the stepping stone to success. In any entrepreneurial endeavour, easy wins are the low-hanging fruits that provide quick wins and early momentum. These are the small, manageable tasks or opportunities that require minimal effort but can generate significant value for your business. By capitalizing on easy wins, you build confidence and lay the groundwork for more ambitious pursuits. Embrace them and use them as stepping stones to propel your business forward.


Big Bets: This involves pushing boundaries and reaping rewards. Entrepreneurs often thrive on taking calculated risks and making big bets. These are audacious moves that require substantial effort, resources, and a leap of faith. Big bets can lead to breakthrough innovations, disruptive products, or the expansion of your business into new markets. While they come with inherent risks, the potential rewards can be game-changing. Embrace the challenge, conduct thorough research, and place strategic bets that align with your long-term vision.


Incremental Growth: Small steps leading to a lasting impact in the pursuit of value creation, play a vital role in incremental growth. This approach involves making continuous improvements and enhancements to your products, processes, and customer experiences. By focusing on incremental gains, you can optimize existing resources, refine your offerings, and stay ahead of the competition. Incremental growth may not always be glamorous, but it offers long-term sustainability and steady progress.


Beware the Money Pit: This involves balancing effort and value. Not every investment of effort guarantees value. Some ventures turn into money pits, draining resources without delivering the desired outcomes. It is crucial to recognize when a project or initiative is not yielding the expected returns. Be prepared to reassess and pivot if necessary. Remember, failure is not the end; it is an opportunity to learn, adapt, and redirect your efforts toward more promising avenues.


The relationship between value and effort in entrepreneurship is delicate. Embrace the small victories to build momentum, dare to take calculated risks, pursue steady progress through incremental improvements, and be ready to pivot when needed. By understanding and embracing this dynamic relationship, you can inspire and guide your entrepreneurial journey toward creating enduring value for your business, customers, and the world at large.


Efficient delegation is a critical skill for entrepreneurs aiming to scale their businesses and achieve sustainable growth. By following the nine steps outlined above—entrepreneurs can empower their team members, improve productivity, and drive success. Embrace delegation as a strategic tool and unlock your entrepreneurial potential.


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