The 7 great trends you should know if you want to succeed after the pandemic

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Again the world is changing and with it comes an opportunity to “get on” the market preferences in the postCOVID era.

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Again the world is changing, and it is your opportunity now to take advantage of the great trends, for entrepreneurship in the post- pandemic era .

Just as at the beginning of the pandemic, all and all entrepreneurs focused on being resilient to adapt and survive the changes that were coming due to COVID , and we had to turn to see the trends and opportunities of the crisis such as digitization and remote work , today we have to realize that we have in front of us the beginning of a new cycle, for which again, we have the opportunity to get on the wave on time and thus take advantage of the changes that are coming, and yes, to be resilient again in a world that will change significantly again.

To use the term “post-pandemic” , we have first of all to clarify one thing, the COVID is certainly not over , however, it is clear that the world is ready to move to a new economic and social stage , for which the and entrepreneurs must be prepared.

So without losing sight that there are still health challenges out there, you cannot wait for things to return to normal to take action, because if you wait, when you decide to act, it may be too late.

In a world with an incipient hunger to recover what was lost with COVID, but also that continues to see some of the effects of this pandemic, these are some of the great trends that you should take into account:

1. Going from remote to hybrid: Some are still afraid to leave the house, others need to be outside, the reality is that the return to some face-to-face activities is inevitable, and more and more we will see that both at work, social and economic, the world will demand to resume activities. Now, we must never lose what we learned, such as the effectiveness of remote work, or the global accessibility that e-learning gives. Those who win in the next year will be those who learn to navigate and adapt their ventures to a hybrid world that knows how to take advantage of the best of both online and offline.

2. The economic recovery: The great, BIG subject of the next few years will undoubtedly be the economic recovery. The crisis brought the death of more than one million companies in Mexico, 9.8 million people in the country fell into poverty due to the pandemic , Mexico and in general the entire Latin American region, an economic reactivation is urgently needed. not only correct this, but even help us improve the levels we had previously. Those entrepreneurs who know how to offer value to a society in need of recovery will create great business opportunities.

The entire Latin American region needs an economic reactivation / Image: Depositphotos.com

3. Sustainability and climate crisis: Definitely the conversation around the climate crisis is not new, but today with the change to the post-pandemic it becomes more urgent than ever. In 2020 with the quarantine, we saw that it was possible to reduce our footprint on the planet, however, staying at home is not enough. Consumers know more and more that they have a key role in the impact they generate on the planet, and they will reward those companies that offer products and services that not only mitigate their impact, but also help to combat this crisis, which presents a challenge much greater than the one we live due to COVID.

4. NFT, Metaverse, Cryptocurrencies and new technologies: If you blinked, perhaps you did not realize it, but in the pandemic, we are experiencing a technological acceleration like never before, there are those who argue that, due to the crisis, technological development advanced more than 40 years. The truth is that, today new technologies, and some not so new, but that previously had not exploded, today have become mainstream , and are here to stay. If you are not thinking how your startup can take advantage of these technologies forward, the world will most likely pass you by.

5. Work will never be the same: If you are thinking that in the “post-pandemic” things will return to normal, let me be the first to break your bubble, and that is that many elements of our lives will never return to what they They were before COVID, and perhaps the most important for entrepreneurs is the reality of work. Today we have realized that the home office is not only possible, but in many cases it is much more effective (in addition to how comfortable it is to Undertake in Pajamas ), the need to have large offices has been left behind, as well as the need to hire people who live in the city where the company is physically located. This can be a great risk if you were thinking of forcing your team to return to your office, not for nothing in the United States more than four million people have quit their job due to being forced to return to the office, however, this can be a great opportunity if you understand that now you can attract talent to your company from anywhere in the world.

Many elements of our lives will never return to what they were before COVID / Image: Depositphotos.com

6. Well-being as a work priority: Changes at work not only revolve around remote work, there are many other aspects to take into account in this trend, another of which is the current situation of attrition, burnout , anxiety, and even fear in which employees live in companies. If you haven’t noticed, your team has suffered a lot in the last two years, from family losses, financial impact, and the stress and anxiety that comes with living with a constant reminder that we live in a risky situation. Companies that don’t put wellness at the forefront of their talent strategy will find themselves in big trouble to retain, recruit and empower the best people to create incredible teams.

7. The Great Inflation: Mexico today has levels of inflation that have not been seen for years. This is going to have enormous effects on all the activities of our lives, and of course on our endeavors. Plan your flows well, update the budgets and costs of your supplies, think about your salary strategy, and of course update your prices. Otherwise, it will be very complex for you to be able to face this change, whether you want it or not, it is coming.

These are just some of the great trends that are coming for entrepreneurship in this new “post-pandemic” era, although they are certainly not the only ones. Tell me what other trends, opportunities and risks you see as key for the next year, and tell me if you want me to write about others.

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