A Call for Workplace Spirituality

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Before we look at the call for workplace spirituality, it’s Important to understand what spirituality is. Spirituality is one of those topics that can be talked about at length, but the true understanding of this will never be understood until its experienced. Some may have their own definitions of spirituality, but I personally believe that spirituality is about getting to know what is called the soul or the divine.

Why is spirituality important?

Spirituality has long been practiced in many religions, tribes, and even rituals. It has many faces – all with the same intent, connecting with a version of higher purpose that is relative to a belief system. Presently, I don’t generally prescribe to rituals or religion, because I believe that everything serves a purpose, as a tool or a means to get to a point of bliss or guidance sought after. I haven’t always had this view though, it took me time to figure out what I regard a construct and not. Even though I respect the views of others. It is nonetheless a personal journey.

How do leadership and spirituality merge?

At its core, spirituality develops and is measured through compassion, and complete acceptance of all that is, without judgment – in my opinion. When we operate from a space of compassion, we are able to empathize easier with people, and we impact people in a more positive manner through fewer projections. When we accept people for who they are and what they are, we are more willing and capable of taking them on a journey with us. From a leadership perspective, we receive the required commitment and performance. This in turn creates a happier environment to work in.

There are other consequences that will be welcomed from becoming a spiritual leader:

  1. You recognize how you show up as a leader for your people – the way you present yourself, the beliefs that your people have about you, how you react in stressful situations, and how you care for your people
  2. You are more innovative and creative:
  3. Your authenticity inspires people: To become better leaders themselves and they will give more in terms of performance.
  4. The way you serve your customers creates loyalty, builds brand reputation, and increases profits
  5. You begin to recognize the families of your employees also start to prosper as a knock-on effect
  6. Your workplace culture is built off happiness, loyalty, and high-performance

How to develop your spiritual leadership skill?

As a leader/ business owner/ entrepreneur – your business is an extension of your energy. Pay attention to the recurring patterns that come up as challenges. What are customers and employees telling you? What are those patterns prevalent in your life?

  • Understand your shadow aspects, appreciate them, and integrate them – don’t run away from them, they are a part of who you are and your journey.
  • Clear your chakras and energy centers.
  • Meditate, get creative, and shut off the monkey brain.
  • Use teambuilding interventions to create respect and appreciation for the collective.
  • Reprogram your mental models to release the constructs that you are operating on.
  • Allow yourself the time and space to connect with yourself, and just be.

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